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28|365: Frick and Frack

These two are 3 years and 2 months apart. B is now 13 (he has the red on) and J just turned 10. The issue is not hard to see. J is enormous, B is not. B is 14 inches shorter than his brother who is only 14 months older and that’s his best friend. But strangers ask if B and J are twins – often. This is where it gets hard being mom…he never says it bothers him, but it must. Do I bring it up and call more attention to it if it’s not really bothering him? I think he’s secure in who he is, as much as any 13 year old is. We never have deep conversations about it or anything, we just laugh it off and call Jackson the abnormal one;) Jack is ok with that and I hope B is, too.  He’ll be 6 foot one day…


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