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29 | 365: 100 days of School

How did 100 days go by so quickly? I just can’t believe it. And she was so excited to pose for these! Crafts are her happy place. A giant craft she can take to school as a project? She couldn’t be happier!


2015|36514 2015|36516

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  • March 2, 2015 - 8:52 pm

    Roger - A friend of mine whom is a school teacher here in our county (Nassau, Fl) sent me a copy of what I think is your statements concerning the horrific testing of our children. My wife and I own the local newspaper in which I have a weekly column titled Just My Opinion, I would love to utilize some of your statements to raise awareness of this unfair testing of our children. Also if you could send me where you gathered all of the statistics I would be so grateful. Just to prove I am who I say and not a fraud please check out our website Thank you!

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