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lynne rigby

I haven’t posted here in forever. I have awesome new branding, but I want to hold off on redoing my blog until the new software comes out. So ignore the mismatched logos and branding:)This is Lylah. I mean this is really Lylah. I can feel her spirit and soul in this shot.

Kelly R - October 4, 2013 - 11:07 am

Oh my gosh. She is just GORGEOUS. Those eyes! <3

christina - October 4, 2013 - 1:49 pm

holy smokes. beauuuutiful <3

When they stop paying you to play ball..

Lynne Rigby

Thankful: Day 12

My little dancer and floaty tutus.

lynne rigby

Thankful day 10

Since I’m behind, I’m thankful for toys that last through and have been played with by 5 kids. Nothing like the classics.

lynne rigby

Thankful day 9

I am so thankful for my Braden. My sweet, smart, beautiful boy. Everyone’s favorite brother. The most easy going kid in this house. He makes being a mom easy. That asthma, oh how I hoped he would have outgrown it by now, it keeps me on my toes. I hate that he has to struggle with it. I hate asking him if he needs to go to the hospital. We built this house with him in mind, no carpet, mega filters, no animal fur anywhere. And still he suffers.

I took cupcakes to his class on Friday and I was thrilled to see quite possibly the best 5th grade class ever. Everyone said thank you, everyone was kind to each other, they laughed, they were sweet. I am so thankful he has those kids to see everyday.

Happy Birthday to the best 11 year old on the planet.

And when it’s one boy’s birthday, it’s everyone’s birthday around here. And I love that!<3

lynne rigby